Terence Ng, Singapore


Alison Pearce, Ireland

Anita Peoples, USA

Gregory Levin, Canada

Julie McDonald, Canada

Mariana Chavez Mac Gregor, USA

Miriam Gö​tte, Germany

Stephen Samuel, India

Yvonne, Nestoriuc, Germany​


Ajay Gogia, India

Andrew Olagunju, Nigeria

Aneta Dimitrovska, Macedonia

Apeksha Mainali, Nepal

Galina Kuznecova, Latvia

José Francisco Meneses-Echávez, Colombia

Josianne Bicker, Malta

Mahesh Menon, India

Raviteja Miriyala, India

Sandip Mukhopadhyay, India

Singh Harminder, India

Stella M. Rithara, Kenya

Zeliha Koç, Turkey


A. Allenidekania, Indonesia​


Shah Alam Kahn, India


Alexandre Chan, Singapore




​​​​​​​​​The Multinational Association of Supportive Care in Cancer recognizes outstanding professionals in supportive care in oncology and provides eligible individuals the opportunity to further their professional goals while supporting the mission of MASCC. 

MASCC will offer three types of awards:

Young Investigator of the Year Award​

​Young Investigator of the Year Award

I. Purpose

The Young Investigator Awards recognize outstanding young investigators' research accomplishments.

II. Scope

The award is open to all junior investigators who have submitted an abstract to the MASCC Annual Meeting. Young Investigator Awards are awarded to the first authors of the 10 abstracts with the highest scores.  These abstracts are chosen from the top 20 percent of all abstracts submitted to the symposium. In addition, the Outstanding Young Investigator Award will go to the Young Investigator with the highest-ranked abstract.  The awards are presented at the MASCC Annual Meeting.

III. Award

The award consists of (1) complimentary conference registration and (2) reimbursement of travel expenses up to an amount determined annually by the MASCC Executive Board.

IV. Eligibility

  1. Candidates must be in training or out of training for no more than seven (7) years. Candidates who have career disruptions are still eligible provided they are no more than 7 years full time equivalent out of training. Training is defined as any clinical or post-graduate training.
  2. Candidates can be from any country.
  3. Candidates may be from any profession.
  4. Candidates must submit an abstract as first author to the MASCC Annual Meeting.
  5. Candidates must have primarily conducted the research presented in the abstract.
  6. Candidates do not have to be a member of MASCC but must be a registrant of the meeting and present their abstract at the meeting.
  7. Candidates who have previously been awarded a Young Investigator Award are ineligible to reapply.
  8. Applicants may be asked to write a brief report after the meeting and also to complete a short post-meeting evaluation.

Travel Scholarships

I. Purpose

TA limited number of travel scholarships, to attend the 2015 MASCC/ISOO Annual Meeting will be awarded to applicants from developing countries who met identified criteria stated below:

II. Scope

MASCC will pay travel expenses for qualified scholarship recipients so that they may attend its annual meeting. This scholarship is given to oncology healthcare professionals whose practice and/or research focuses on supportive care in cancer, such as physicians, nurses, social workers, pharmacists, dental hygienists, and psychologists. Qualified applicants must affirm their inability to attend the meeting without scholarship funds.

III. Award

The award consists of (1) complimentary conference registration and (2) reimbursement of travel expenses up to an amount determined annually by the MASCC Executive Board. Scholarships are presented to the awardees at the Annual Meeting.​

IV. Eligibility

Applicants must work and live in a country of limited resources please click here for a list of eligible countries.

  1. Applicants must be oncology healthcare professionals, such as a physician, nurse, social worker, pharmacist, dentist, dental hygienist, or psychologist.
  2. Applicants must have a professional focus on supportive cancer care.
  3. Applicants may receive a travel scholarship more than once depending on qualifications, contributions, and need.


I. Purpose

The MASCC Distinguished Service Award recognizes meritorious achievement and outstanding contributions to the Society and its mission.

II. Scope

Distinguished Service Award winners are nominated by peers and should demonstrate exemplary leadership and accomplishments in supporting the Society's mission. The Distinguished Service Award is reserved for those with the highest levels of support to the Society and unparalleled contributions to the Society's mission. This award is presented at the MASCC Annual Meeting.​

III. Eligibility

  1. Nominees must be current members of MASCC and in good standing with the Society.      
  2. Nominees must have made a significant contribution in the following:
    • Research
    • Education
    • and/or Clinical supportive care in cancer
  1. Nominees must exemplify the mission and goals of the Society and must have made major contributions to the Society.

IV. Nomination Procedures

  1. Any current MASCC member may nominate an individual for the Distinguished Service Award.
  2. A nomination packet should be submitted that includes the following:
    • Cover letter
    • Nominee information
    • Nominator information
    • Nominee's current CV
    • No less than three (3) but no more than six (6) letters of support
  1. The nomination cover letter should address the following items:
    • Specific contributions to MASCC
    • Description of nominee's accomplishments within MASCC and his/her support of MASCC's mission
    • Persuasive rationale and reasoning for why the nominee should be considered for this award
  1. Nomination letters and packets must be received by the designated due date, as determined by the Executive Committee.

V. Selection Process

  1. A call for nominations will be published on the MASCC website and via email to all members.
  2. All nominations will be reviewed by the MASCC Awards Committee. Its recommendations will be forwarded to the Executive Committee for confirmation.
  3. Selection will be based on the following:
    • Nominee's contributions to MASCC
    • Nominee's involvement and support of MASCC and its mission
  1. There will be no set number of awards given. Awards will be based on the merits of each individual nominee.
  2. Award recipients will be notified by the Chair of the Awards Committee prior to the MASCC Annual Meeting.
For additional information and to download the MASCC Distinguished Service Award Nomination Form, please click here​.

Nomination packages are due no later than 1 April 2015​.​

To view the MASCC Awards Committee Policies, Information and Forms, please click here

To view MASCC Awards Committee Flowcharts, please click here​.​


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